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Twelve Jyotirinlingas

There are 12 Jyotiilingams spread in different parts of India, which are mentioned in Shiv Puran, Ramayan, Mahabharta and Skandha Puran. They appeared as the sacred places and are the symbols of creation and are innumerable, but twelve of these are very important.

According to puranas, following tweleve Jyotirlingams are of great religious merit (Mahayatmya).

1. Shri Som Nath in Sourashtra, Gujarat
2. Shri Mallikarjun in the Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh.
3. Shri Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain (M.P.)
4. Shri Omkareshwar in Malwa (M.P.)
5. Shri Kedar Nath in the Himalayas (U.P.)
6. Shri Vishweshwar (Vishwanath) in Varanasi (U.P.)
7. Bhimshankar in Pune.
8. Shri Trimbakeshwar, near Nasik in Maharshtra
9. Shri Baidyanath in Bihar
10. Shri Nageshwar in Gujarat
11. Shri Rameshwar in Tamil Nadu.
12. Shri Ghrishneshwar in Swalaya nears the Ellora Caves, Maharashtra.

Sapta – Nadi (Seven Holy Rivers)    

Our forefathers viewed the rivers as compassionate deities and objects of respect and devotion. These are: Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Saraswati, Godavari, Narmada, and Kaveri.

Seven Holy Mountains    

(Himalaya, Arawali, Vindhyachal, Mahendra, Malaya, Sahyadri and Raivatak)
The mountains again, have been exercised effect upon the Indian mind. The snow-clad Himalayas have been described by Kalians as ‘the King of mountains (nagadhiraja), enclosing divinity (devatatma) who stands between the two oceans as measuring rod, as it were, of the earth.’ They are the Shiva and Parvati is the daughter of the Himalaya. From the most ancient times they have attracted pilgrims from all over India, and in their sublime presence people have felt the grandeur and infinity of the pure spirit. They have been the resorts of ascetic and philosophers; they have stirred their spiritual and religious thoughts, and have deeply affected national life and literature. The Himalayas area natural temple, as it was, and it probably in emulation of them that many of the temples in India have also been built. The spire of the temple is termed ‘sikhara’ which stands for a peak.

Five Sacred Lakes    
These are: Vindhum, Narayana, Pampa, Pushkar, Manas Sarovar.
Fiftyone Shakti Peethas    

Puranas describe Shakti Peethas as places where the ornaments and parts of body of the Sati, consort od Lord Shiva, fell. Those places became divine and places of Pilgrimage. These places are scattered all over the Indian subcontinent. Following is the list of Shakti Peethas:

1. Bhairvi Shakti Peeth at Hingulas near Bluchistan (Pakistan).
2. Bimla Devi at Vat Nagar in West Bengal (India).
3. Uma Shakti Devi at Bhuteshwar (Mathura)
4. Mahisha in Kolhapur (Maharashtra)
5. Sunanda Devi in Bangladesh.
6. Aparna Devi in Bangladesh
7. Shri Sundri in Ladakh.
8. Vishalakashi in Varanasi
9. Vishveshi in Andhra Pradesh
10. Gandaki Devi in Nepal
11. Naraini Devi near Kanyakumari
12. Varahi Devi
13. Jwalamukhi in Himachal Pradesh
14. Avanti Devi in Madhya Pradesh
15. Phullara Devi in West Bengal.
16. Bhramri Bhadrakali in Nasik ( Maharashtra)
17. Mahamaya Devi in Amarnath Cave (Kashmir)
18. Nandini Devi near Burdhman (West Bengal)
19. Mahalakshmi at Mahikarjun (Andhra Pradesh)
20. Mahakali (Kalika) on Howrah line at Nalhati Station.
21. Uma Mahadevi Midhileshiwari in Midhila.
22. Kumari in Tamil Nadu.
23. Chander-Bhaga Devi at Girnar.
24. Tripur-Malini Devi at Jallandhar (Punjab).
25. Shivani at Chittrakut.
26. Jai Durga at Vaidyanath (Bihar)
27. Mahishmardini near Burdhman.
28. Devi Sharvani at Kanyakumari.
29. Bahula Devi in West Bengal.
30. Bhawani in ladesh.
31. Devi Mangal-Chandi at Ujjain
32. Gayatri Devi at Pushkar (Rajasthan)
33. Dakshayani Manas-Peeth at Mansarovar.
34. Yasho – reshwari in Bangladesh.
35. Lalita Devi at Allahabad (Paryag)
36. Vimla in Jagan Nath Temple, Puri.
37. Dev-Garbha Kali at Shivkanchi, Kanchipuram.
38. Kali – Place unknown.
39. Devi Narmada at Amar Kantak
40. Kamakhya at wahati.
41. Mahamaya Guhyeshvari in Nepal.
42. Jayanti Devi near Shilong.
43. Sarvanandakari Patneshwari at Patna.
44. Bhramari Devi near Jalpaiguri (W.Bengal)
45. Tripur Sundri in Tripura.
46. Kapalini near Midnapur (West Bengal).
47. Savitri in Kurukshetra.
48. Indrakhi in Sri-Lanka.
49. Bhoot Dhatri near Burdwan.
50. Ambika, 70 km. from Jaipur.
51. Kalika Devi in Calcutta.

108 Divya Desh (Deshams)    

There are 108 important temples glorified in 108 Tirupati – Anthandi of Alagia Manavala Dasa, a Tamil poet. All this temples are considered special by the Vaishnava Saints (Alwars). These temples are in South India at six geographical locations - Thondai Nadu, which is in the Chennai and Chengalput area; Chola Nadu (Chazha Naattu); Nadu Naattu; Pandya Nadu; Vada Nadu and Paraloka.

Eight Self –Manifested Holy Places: There are eight self manifested holy places, which are (Swayam Vyakta Khshetras) are - Sri Rangam, Triumala, Sri Mushnam and Thotadri in South India; and Shalagram, Pushkara, Naimisaranya and Badrinath in North India.

Three Sacred Seas    

All the three seas surrounding Indian sub-continent are considered sacred. These are:

a) Indian Ocean
b) Arabian Sea
c) Bay of Bengal


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